What is Smoke Testing? A Complete Guide

In conclusion, it is an important part of the software testing process because it is a quick and effective way to assess an application’s or system’s basic functionality and stability. The purpose of this group of test cases is to reveal build-in errors. The QA team then moves on to functional testing if these tests smoke testing meaning are successful. One must hand back the system to the development team in the event of any failure, or it can progress to further stages (like being tested by an application security engineer) if it passes. It is a kind of testing that guarantees that the critical features of the software are functioning as intended.

smoke testing meaning

Note any significant problems or strange things that come up during the testing process. The test cases should be easy to understand and focus on the most important aspects that need to be verified during this testing process. Create a set of test cases that cover the most important features of the app. This is used to examine how various parts or modules of a system interact. It checks if the integration points are working as expected and if data is moving between modules correctly.

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When a fresh build is prepared for deployment, developers can examine it immediately with automation tests. Basically, smoke testing is a rapid regression test of the major functionality and shows that the product is ready for further testing. Using this testing method, most of the defects are identified at initial stages of the software development and helps in correction of these identified defects. If the software fails the initial smoke test, the software is handed back to the development team, where it is fixed and then sent back to QA. Another set of smoke tests is performed on the software, and if it passes, the software is integrated with an existing build in the QA and staging environment.

  • Smoke testing, also called build verification testing or confidence testing, is a software testing method that is used to determine if a new software build is ready for the next testing phase.
  • Once a new feature or functionality is added to the product, a defined software smoke test suite can be executed to check whether the addition of the new feature has caused any issues.
  • Once a new build has been delivered by the dev team, some of the QA team members can start with Smoke Tests.
  • The number of tests should be between 20 and 50, which is an acceptable range.

Many groups have sufficient resources to run a larger suite of tests on their daily or continuous integration builds (which is goodness), but smoke tests should be considered the bare minimum. Before doing smoke testing, the QA team must confirm that the application under test is in the right build version. It is a straightforward method that takes very little time to test the application’s stability.

What happens if we don’t do Smoke Testing?

This is due to the process’s high degree of flexibility and agility. There will always be at least one smoke test that meets one’s needs because there are three different sorts. Despite how fantastic it might be, not everyone should use automation.

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PhantomJS is an option for integration and automation with continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins and TeamCity. Once the build is deployed in QA and, smoke tests are passed we proceed for functional testing. If the smoke test fails, we exit testing until the issue in the build is fixed. Additionally, even if the test passes, it doesn’t guarantee a 100% error or bug-free environment. Test cases used in smoke testing usually specify the number of times a function should be tested. If the function passes the test 10 times, it is considered successful.

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Both time and resources are significantly saved through automation. Bots are always quicker than humans in completing tasks and workflows. While procedures that rely on human ingenuity and creativity cannot be automated, smoke testing may be done by AI-based (AI) systems, which can significantly cut testing time.

smoke testing meaning

The developers can next focus on correcting any bugs that QA discovered during the regression testing once the developers have fixed those bugs. The prime objective of any software project is to get a high-quality output while reducing the cost and the time required for completing the project. So, every software product is subjected to various levels of rigorous software testing before it is deemed fit to be released to the market. A preliminary level of testing is performed to find basic and critical issues in an application before critical testing is implemented. There are different types of software testing which includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, interface testing and many more. Among these testing methods, smoke testing plays an important role as it is performed on each new build to check if the build is broken or can be moved to further testing.

Limitations of Smoke Testing

A failure means the software must be handed back to the development team. Smoke testing, also called build verification testing or confidence testing, is a software testing method that is used to determine if a new software build is ready for the next testing phase. This testing method determines if the most crucial functions of a program work but does not delve into finer details. Manual smoke testing involves running a series of basic tests manually to ensure that the software behaves as expected. It typically involves testing the most basic functions of the software such as logging in, creating a new account, viewing a list of data, and performing basic searches.

smoke testing meaning

It gives the go-ahead to the QA team to move further with their testing rounds. Now that you know the benefits of smoke testing and why it’s a good idea to spend time conducting smoke tests, let’s learn how. Also, smoke tests are most efficiently and sustainably performed as automated tests, but can be performed manually. In the build concept, it is important to understand that build integrity is not the same as correct functionality. Let’s go through each part of the smoke testing definition, so we’re clear on just what we’re talking about.

Software Testing MCQ

In Software Engineering, Smoke testing should be performed on each and every build without fail as it helps to find defects in early stages. Smoke test activity is the final step before the software build enters the system stage. Smoke tests must be performed on each build that is turned to testing.

For example, in testing APIs, failures are often seen due to very basic defects. When tested early using smoke tests, APIs can be verified and validated to help achieve solid integration. Other smoke tests can validate functionality not directly impacted by integration. While regression tests can also help identify new unintentional defects, it is not common to have tests for new functionality in a regression test suite. Typically, regression tests cover baseline functions and have more conditions than smoke tests.

Is smoke testing black box?

To understand the concept more properly, this ‘What is Smoke Testing? Smoke test has got its name from hardware repair systems wherein a smoke test is performed on pipelines to know whether they are working or not. Similarly, this smoke test is a quick test performed as a part of the software testing, to see if the application “catches on fire” when a new build is deployed and tested for the first time. In other words, we verify whether the important features are working and there are no showstoppers in the build that is under testing. This helps in determining if the build is flawed so as to make any further testing a waste of time and resources.

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